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Dragon/Paddling Challenge
Teams are Built on Personal Achievements


Achieve Your Best • Help Fund Your Team

This mixed team event is open to all Dragon Boat or Paddling Teams and combines teams of 2-men and 2-women to form a ‘Quad’ to compete in the ‘Quad’1K for best times. The ‘Quad’1K times (Score #1) is then added to the best 2K Relay time (Score #2). The fastest Composite Score wins the Dragon/Paddling Challenge.

Dragon/Paddling Relay - Beat the Record - Fund Your Team

It all comes down to the DP Relay and who walks off the floor with the Braggin Rights Special T-Shirt awarded to all winning relay members. And if the winning team breaks the CIRC DP Relay Record, they will have earned a $200 donation for their club.

* The Fastest Quad *
* The Fastest Relay Team *
* Challenge Winners T-Shirt *
* Break DragonP Challenge Record: Win $200 Team Award *

          CIRC Records      USA/World Records

Join the Personal Best Challenge
Anyone who achieves a PR receives an Achievement Medal. Join the PR Challenge and a chance to be a hero by raising additional funds for your team.

Individual Fund Raising Possibilities

PR Achievers $25 to $150
CIRC Record
$50 to $250
USA Record
$100 to $350
World Record
$200 to $500

Learn more: Personal Record Challenge

Dragon/Paddling Trophy to the club with the fastest composite score.

Individual Metals
Fastest 1K ‘Quad’
Fastest 2K Relay

How does a‘Quad’ Work?
4 ergs are wired to act as one boat – a‘Quad’ in rowing terms. Each team member rows approximately 1K meters as the computer’s algorithm constantly adjusts for the difference in power output of each team member. In the end, some erg a little more and others a little less as your Little Yellow Boat moves toward the finish line.

Additional Rules
Two Club minimum required to award the Dragon/Paddling Trophy
Each club can have multiple ‘Quad’ teams
Each ‘Quad’ competes in the ‘Quad’ 1K
Clubs can field either 1 or 2 2K-Relay teams; the best time will count for Score#2

About the Relay
The Relay consists of 4 team members (2 men/2 women) selected by the team coach 15 before the event. Each competitor will row 500 meters, get off the Erg and pass the handle to the next competitor until all 4 competitors have rowed for a total of 2000 meters. One coach and two assistants are allowed in the competition area to assist. The hand-off is only between competitors. The assistants can either hold the feet or secure/unsecure the feet straps. A monitor judge is assigned to each team. One violation warning is allowed before disqualification.

A test of team coordination vs. strength: It's all in the transition!