CIRC2017 Event Summary

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Concept2 Logbook Rankings

334,000 Meters Rowed
46 Events         215 Competitors
50 V/S/M/O
12 Dragon
48 Collegiate
87 Junior
14 Middle School
4 Adaptive

Did You Know?
There are currently 4,806 Internationally Ranked athletes whose 2K race times are posted on Concept2
for the 2017 season ending May 1st. There are 13,784 when all logbook entries are included.
CIRC2017 2K, 10K and 500 meter times have been sent to Concept2 for inclusion.

3 CIRC Records Broken
Seth Lichter: 2K Veteran Men (65/69) = 07:07.77
James Fargo: 2K Veteran Men (55/59) = 06:30.2
Kyle Jensen: Open 500 Lwt = 01:20.8

Did You Know?
3,866 Veteran athletes(age 50 and over) have posted times for the 2017 season
including 62 over 80 and 5 over 90.

Historical Fact
USA/World Veteran Record holders Dean Smith, Paul Randal, Paul Hendershot and Michael Caviston are CIRC record holders.

3 CIRC Records Established
10K Steve Greska: Veteran Lwt Men (55/59) = 43.57.1
2K Clark Maxfield: Veteran Men (75/79) = 08:44.4
500M Gary Robinson: Veteran Men (40/49) = 01:25.9
Steve Greska was our first – and only- competitor to inaugurate the new 10K Event at CIRC.
Thank you Steve for your brave solo row and rest assured this event will continue and together we will watch it grow.

Did You Know?
In the United States there are 42 athletes who have 10K verified times posted on Concept2
for the 2017 season in Steve’s age bracket. He now ranks 29th in the USA and 91st of 127 Worldwide.
There are 6,404 athletes posting 10K times worldwide verified and unverified.

Dragon/Paddling Challenge Records Established
Dragon Quad: Team P4MB = 03:35.5
Dragon Relay: Team P4MB = 06:37.2
Dragon Challenge: Team P4MB = 10:12.7
This inaugural event bodes well for future spirited challenges. After the Quad scores were posted, Paddlin for MB (P4MB) was in 1st with Outrigger Chicago(ORC)and Greater Chicago BC(GCDB) challenged to close the gap by 9 and 101.5 seconds respectively in the Relay portion of this 2-step event. P4MB never looked back extending their lead over both teams to finish with a Composite Score of 10:13.0 over ORC and GCDB by 33.3 and 147.9 seconds respectively.
P4MB has now established the Dragon/Paddling Challenge times to beat next year.

Did You Know?
There are 2 major Dragon Boat Races in the Chicago area. The June 24th Chicago Dragon Boat Race for Literacy at Ping Tom Memorial Park uses the traditional ceremonial boats dating from the 278 BC, seats 18 paddlers along with drummer and flag catcher. The July 29th Chicago International Dragon Boat Festival taking place on Lake Arlington Park uses smaller boats seating 20 paddlers plus the drummer but does not include a ‘flag catcher’.

CIRC Adaptive Record Established
Chuck Wyde: Adaptive 1000: Trunk/Arms = 04:15.0
Rowing was introduced as an event at the 2008 Beijing Paralympics. Ron Harvey was a member of first Team USA finishing 5 th in the Arms/Shoulders (AS) event. Ron along with Emma Preuschl, joined us at CIRC 2009 to share their Paralympics experience; both also choose to compete with Ron establishing the Men’s AS Record of 04:15.7.

Interview with Emma Preuschl and Ron Harvey
Learn more about Paralympic Rowing

CIRC Event Records Broken
Y-Quad Cities Takes Junior Challenge
Setting 2-New Records

Women’s Division
TRY was the only team to qualify for the Junior Challenge and according to the rules, they would have to break the Relay Record to win and take home $250. The record has been held by the Detroit Boat Club since 2006 with a 08:39.9 Relay time and a Composite score of 16:11.6
TRY Beat Both Records: by 12.6 seconds in the Relay and 12.0 seconds in the Composite Score.
Y Quad Cities (2017)
Detroit Boat Club (2006)
12.6 sec.
12.0 sec.

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