Chicago Indoor Rowing

Middle School Challenge
Teams are Built on Personal Achievements
Open to 6th, 7th and 8th Graders

Middle School Events
* 500m Individual *
* 500m Mixed Quad *
* 2K Mixed Relay *

* Gold, Silver Bronze *
(By Grade and Gender)

* The Fastest Quad Team *
* The Fastest Relay Team *

Event Information

Choose Your Event(s)
MS Athletes can compete in any one or all events. Coaches generally recommend doing either the 500 Individual or Quad with all team members doing the fun-filled 2K Relay.

About the 500m
You Vs. Yourself – and every other individual in your race! A true test of fitness and grit. 500m counts down to zero – when the dust settles you know where you stand. You will represent your team but awards are given individually.

About the Quad Work
4 ergs are wired to act as one boat – a quad in rowing terms. Each team member rows approximately 500 meters as the computer’s algorithm constantly adjusts for the difference in power output of each team member. In the end, some erg a little more and others a little less as your Little Yellow Boat moves toward the finish line. A mixed grade/gender event.

About the Relay
Each competitor will row 500 meters, get off the Erg and pass the handle to the next competitor until all 4 competitors have rowed for a total of 2000 meters. One coach and two assistants are allowed in the competition area to assist. The hand-off is only between competitors. The assistants can either hold the feet or secure//unsecure the feet straps. A monitor judge is assigned to each team. A mixed grade/gender event.