Chicago Indoor Rowing

Cross Training Challenge
Hoist the Trophy & Win ‘Braggin Rights”

This mixed team event is open to all certified Cross Training (CT)/Fitness Clubs and combines mixed teams of 2-men and 2-women to form a Quad to compete in the Quad 1K for best times. The teams then compete in a 2000m relay (500m per/team member).The Best Quad 1K time (Score #1) is then added to the teams 2K Relay time (Score #2). The fastest composite Score wins the CT Challenge.

To qualify for the CT Challenge, a team must field a minimum of 2-Quads -4 men & 4 women. Unlimited Quad teams allowed.

Winner take all medals are given to the Fastest Quad regardless of the teams participation in the Challenge, Winner take all medals are also given to the fastest Relay Team with the winner of the CTChallenge taking home the KettleBell Trophy.

Cross Training Teams
can also add additional athletes to compete in the traditional Chicago Indoor Rowing Championships events. These events are 2000m and divided by both age and weight class. See the regatta events here for more information. There is also a Men's and Women's Open 500m race (Open, meaning not divided by age or weight).

Time to Train-Up and Hammer Down.

CT Challenge Trophy to the club with the fastest composite score.

CT Records:

Fastest Composite   CrossFit Freedom (2012) 9:31.1
Fastest 1K Quad   Lincoln Park CrossFit (2016) 3.15.5
Fastest 2K Relay   CrossFit Freedom (2012) 5.55.8
Fastest 500Men Nick Holmes RowFit Chicago (2014) 1:21.9
Fastest 500 Women Amy Reichel Crossfit Rise (2012) 1:39.8
Fastest 2K Men Ben Sholl RowFit Chicago (2012) 6:28.8
Fastest 2k Women Morgan Funke RowFit Chicago (2013) 6:57.3

Cross Training Options:
CT Challenge: 4 men and 4 women required

Open 500: For individuals (non team event)
2000 Meter Races: for individuals (non team event)
500 Meter Gut-buster : for individuals (non team event)

Team Cap fees apply no matter how you mix the above
(Clubs wishing to also enter the Open Challenge must submit separate entries/fees)

How does a Quad Work?

4 ergs are wired to act as one boat – a quad in rowing terms. Each team member rows approximately 1K meters as the computer’s algorithm constantly adjusts for the difference in power output of each team member. In the end, some erg a little more and others a little less as your Little Yellow Boat moves toward the finish line.

Additional Rules
Four Club minimum required to award the CT Challenge Trophy
Each club entry requires a minimum of 2 Quads -8 competitors: 4 women and 4 men
Each Quad competes in the Quad 1K
Clubs can field either 1 or 2 2K-Relay teams; the best time will count for Score#2
The club coach selects Relay Team members 15 minutes before event.
Clubs wishing to also enter the Open Challenge must submit separate entries/fees.

About the Relay
Each competitor will row 500 meters, get off the Erg and pass the handle to the next competitor until all 4 competitors have rowed for a total of 2000 meters. One coach and two assistants are allowed in the competition area to assist. The hand-off is only between competitors. The assistants can either hold the feet or secure//unsecure the feet straps. A monitor judge is assigned to each team. One violation warning is allowed before disqualification.

A test of team coordination vs. strength: It's all in the transition!